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All year, you have said you are going to upgrade and customize your truck or Jeep. It is a new year. Make this the year that you take action! Whether you want to offroad like a boss or drive down the street in style, your vehicle should do more than get you from point A to B. It should be an extension of who you are and what you enjoy. The options to customize your vehicle are limitless. Let's take a look at the most popular truck and Jeep upgrades!

Let's face it, your Jeep is meant to rise above. Customizations and upgrades allow your Jeep to stand-out and become more than just a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Simply installing a lift kit will instantly take your Jeep to the next level! This is your guide to everything you need to know about lift kits.

Half of being a Jeep owner is the ability to customize your ride in a unique way that fits your lifestyle and shows off your personality. You've bought the Jeep of your dreams and now you are ready to put your own signature style on it. What are your options? Let's take a look at the most popular ways to customize your Jeep to the max!

Think about how much time you spend in your vehicle traveling from point A to point B. Whether it is running errands, going to work, or on relaxing vacations and adventures, your ride is like your second home. This makes the upholstery you choose for your vehicle one of the most important decisions you will make. For most people it comes down to a choice between cloth and leather upholstery. If you are looking for a material that is long-lasting, low-maintenance, easy to clean, and aesthetically appealing, then leather is a great option for your truck or Jeep. Let's take a look at why you should add leather seats to your ride!

Think custom lighting is just for looks? Think again! Upgrading your truck or Jeep's factory lighting and installing additional lighting options will have a huge impact on your ride. Make sure your vehicle is ready for anything that life throws your way! Hit the trails or take a long-road trip with your buddies. The world awaits, you are ready. Make sure your vehicle is too! This is your guide to how high-quality custom lighting will elevate your vehicle and your lifestyle.

Don't just off-road, do it in style! Make sure your truck or Jeep is equipped with all of the customizations you need to take it to the max every time! These off-road mods will ensure that you are prepared no matter what you encounter when you find yourself off the beaten path!

The more power your vehicle has, the more capable it is of taking on even the most extreme adventures! Want to go off-roading on difficult terrain? How about hauling heavy materials and equipment? You need a vehicle that is ready to take on anything! When it comes to customizations this is one that is just as much functional as it is fun. Are you ready to improve the performance of your truck or Jeep? A supercharger will give you the torque you need while simultaneously controlling sound, temperature, and flow. Here's why you should upgrade your vehicle with a supercharger.

Every off-roading enthusiast knows it is not a matter of if you get stuck but when! After all, you are not adventuring to the max if you don't find yourself stuck in a muddle puddle or stranded on rough terrain. A winch allows you to pull your vehicle out of any sticky situation safely and without the help of anyone else. This is a modification that provides a number of functionalities and makes your vehicle look great at the same time. These are the benefits of adding a winch to your truck or Jeep!

Whether your vehicle is off-road, on-road, or both, it is no fun if you are constantly worried about dents, scratches, and scrapes. Take your vehicle on enough adventures and these incidents are unavoidable...unless you protect your vehicle first. Assault Guard Finish is an innovative modification that allows you to enjoy your vehicle to the max without worrying about even minor damage to your truck or Jeep! What is Assault Guard Finish and why is this a customization you should add to your vehicle? Let's find out!

If you have a need for speed, then there is no doubt that you want your ride to have the ability to go as fast as it can! Let's face it, straight-from-the-factory vehicles are not designed with more horsepower in mind. They are programmed to provide a smooth, quiet ride combined with fuel efficiency. How boring is that? In order to get the speed, you want, you are going to have to turn to high-quality customizations. When increasing the speed of your truck or Jeep, which mods should you turn too? These are 5 customizations that will increase the horsepower of your vehicle, giving you the speed, you need!

Football season is upon us and with it much anticipated tailgating before the big games. The smell of burgers on the grill, music blaring, games of catch, and the camaraderie of being in the company of thousands of your closest friends. You've ordered enough football paraphernalia to fill a small storage shed and food to feed a small army. What's left? You have to make sure your truck or Jeep is ready to be the life of the party for the ultimate tailgates this season. Here are some awesome customizations that will take your tailgates to the next level this year!

One of the most exciting decisions any truck or Jeep owner gets to make is whether to lift or lower their ride with a suspension kit. The good news is that there isn't a right or wrong answer. The choice is entirely dependent on your lifestyle and goals for your vehicle. Let's take a look at factors you should take into consideration when making your decision and the benefits of each.

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