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When you buy a Jeep or truck, you're usually looking for a one-of-a-kind or unique set of wheels. The ones you purchase off a lot are great, but they tend to look like all the others sitting at the dealership. To really make it your own, upgrading your vehicle with certain customizations will transform it into a ride that represents your style. One that sets it apart from the other Jeeps and trucks on the road.

There is the age-old debate of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or after-market parts? Which one is best? The truth of the matter is that both have an important place in the automotive industry. It does not have to be and shouldn't be one or the other. After-market parts are typically the way to go if you are looking to customize and upgrade your Jeep or truck. For those looking to keep certain aspects of their Jeep or truck as close to factory as possible, OEM might be the best option. If you currently find yourself in the latter category, how do you find OEM parts for your Jeep or truck without breaking the bank?

The word "customization" is music to any vehicle enthusiast's ears. Half of the fun of owning a truck or Jeep is the ability to make endless customizations to your vehicle that make it your own and fit your lifestyle. With so many customizations available, it can be hard to know where to turn first. Installing custom wheels are a great place to start that will render immediate results and offer a variety of benefits! Here's your guide to why every custom vehicle needs a set of custom wheels.

Next time you find yourself in a precarious situation while out four-wheeling, you will be glad you had the foresight to invest in a winch for your off road vehicle. Anyone that has spent time out on a trail is familiar with the hazards that can occur, especially when you are pushing your adventure to the extreme. Knowing how to correctly use your winch will save you from a scenario gone wrong.

You know you want your vehicle to be as unique as you are. That's why you're looking for cool ways to customize your ride and retain or even increase its value. Well, you've come to the right place! At Carolina Custom Wheels, we specialize in vehicle customizations and revved-up rides.

Your vehicle should say something about who you are! Give it some personality! Customizations are the fun part of vehicle ownership. You can customize your seats, floor mats, windows, tires, wheels, sound systems, and lights. Some customizations are for aesthetics only, while others serve not only for aesthetics but for safety and functionality. Custom lights are a great way to increase the functionality and elevate the look of your truck or jeep. Whether you are making sure your vehicle is ready for the long-awaited road trip, tailgating for the big game, a night of off-roading adventures, or you just want to put your own personal touch on your truck or Jeep, custom lights are a must.

For those who enjoy taking advantage of going off-road, there are several things that you should keep in mind regarding your winch. A winch is a device applied to your vehicle that is used for hauling and lifting. It comes equipped with a power rope so that you can hook to another vehicle and be towed if necessary. In order to have the best experience and prevent as much damage as possible, consider the winch tips every off-roader should know below.

For many trucks, Jeeps, and off-road SUVs, installing a suspension lift kit professionally is essential for the look and performance of your off-road vehicle. A lift kit is essentially a suspension lift on the vehicle that alters the height, making it go higher. They are purchased in order for a Jeep or truck to have larger tires placed on their vehicle for off-road experiences. Others purchase a lift kit to enhance the appearance of their vehicle, giving it a look that is tough and rugged. Before purchasing a lift kit for your off-road vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind first when determining which lift is right for you.

One of the most enjoyable parts of owning a Jeep or truck is the nearly endless opportunities to customize your vehicle. A truck or Jeep is simply a blank canvas waiting for you to customize by adding your touch and creating a one of a kind vehicle. Customization enables you to add function and beauty to your vehicle, increasing your enjoyment and the vehicles overall worth.

Would you rather have a turbocharged engine or a supercharged engine in your dream car, truck or SUV? If you ask this question among car enthusiasts and you will start a very heated discussion. We're not going to try to settle the argument here, but we are going to take a look at both turbocharged and supercharged engines, and draw a distinction between the two.

Are you proud of your Jeep or truck and want the whole world to know it? When your automobile is being raised up by a lift kit, no one will be able to miss it. After the introduction of monster trucks 70's, lifted trucks became increasingly more popular. Truck owners were drawn in by the enhanced appearance and power that lift kits provided. Let's face it: who doesn't feel awesome driving their own personal monster truck, looking down on the smaller cars below and feeling like the coolest driver on the road?

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