Where Can You Add Custom Vehicle Lighting?

January 08, 2019

Off-road enthusiasts often need to upgrade their lighting in the aftermarket, depending on the function and style you probably want to achieve. After all, while your off-road vehicle's main body was built to go between road and terrain quite seamlessly, lights can't always follow suit. For manufacturers, it's safest to make a vehicle's lighting road-safe and let true off-roaders set up their lights for off-roading.

Which lights can you upgrade for a better off-road experience? We break them down below:

Headlight Upgrades

There are many options to choose from when you're replacing the headlights in your vehicle. Here are the options we offer and how they measure up:

Halogen is the most popular type of headlight bulb currently in cars, SUVs and off-road vehicles. The bulbs are cheap to manufacture, plus they're very simple to replace on most vehicles. However, when you're off the road, you won't be able to see true colors; you'll probably find most objects have a bluish tint.
HID headlights, or high-intensity discharge lights, are a common alternative to halogen bulbs. Instead of halogen, HID headlights usually use xenon gas, which makes the lamps burn brighter than the original bulbs. This can help you achieve energy efficiency savings, add a sleek look to your car, and improve visibility. However, these bulbs are more delicate than other types of headlight bulbs.
LED/Smoked LED headlights: If you are looking for an aftermarket headlight that adds stylization to your vehicle, these are probably the options you'll choose. LED lights are brighter than standard halogen headlights. They also take less power and turn on quickly, compared to halogen or HID. LEDs can provide you with strong light output, which will, in turn, enhance security & visibility.
Custom Halo Headlights: Halo headlights are named as such because of their shape inside the bulb, which looks like two halos. The reflectors in the design are a powerful way to get a focused beam and create a custom style that fits with the feel of the rest of the vehicle. halo lights are available in a variety of colors, or even multi-color, with the ability to change it at a moment’s notice.

Halo Headlights on Orange Jeep

LED Cubes, Bumper Lights and Light Bars

Fog lights help you see the road in poor visibility conditions such as fog, mist, snow, or even blowing sand. Because of their low placement, they also make you more visible to other drivers because they are not reflecting light upwards but rather directing it at the road. Since LED lights are brighter and crisper than traditional bulbs, most people who upgrade their headlights choose to do a matching upgrade to fog and tail lights, to create a uniform look for their vehicle.

Light bars and grille bars can also be customized. These can help enhance your fog lights, helping you see more clearly at a longer distance directly in front of you.

LED Cube lights can be added on either side of the windshield, single or in pairs, can be added or integrated into the bumper, or mounted onto a bull bar. They provide a focused beam of light to illuminate the terrain ahead. Combine cube lights with a light bar or two, and you’ll light up even the darkest night. LED light bars can be added above the windshield, to the hood, or on a front bumper or bull bar. The newest trend is LED lights incorporated into the grille for a light bar effect but more streamlined.

LED Cube on black jeep

Spotlights, Work Lights, and Rock Lights

Bright lights are a necessity for work, off-roading and a variety of other activities where street lights aren’t around. Spotlights and work lights are great for a direct beam of very bright light and the angle can be adjusted, if you’re camped out for a while and need to shine a light on the situation. Rock lights are typically mounted in the wheel wells to provide light on rough terrain in low visibility. They can also provide a unique, custom look to your vehicle, since they are available in a variety of colors. If you have side steps or nerf bars on your vehicle, you can also add rock lights to them, making it easier to see them in unlit areas.

Spotlights on black jeep with red accents

Underbody Lights

Looking for a standout way to get attention? Check out underbody lights! These LED light systems mount underneath your vehicle to create a brightly glowing halo around the entire underside of your vehicle. You can choose from an array of colors that can be changed at any time. Consider matching your underbody lights to your halo headlights for a truly custom ride!

Third Brake Lights/LED Rings

Third brake lights, also called center high mount stop lamps (CHMSL), are typically installed in the center of a vehicle's rear window or deck lid. The brake light LED rings are especially popular for Wranglers because they virtually eliminate visibility and clearance issues common with factory high mount brake lights and oversized tire/wheel combinations. Adding a third brake light will increase safety and visibility to other drivers both on and off the road.

Get Help With Custom Lights

There are many ways to use custom lights, whether it's for aesthetics, function or a combination of both. If you're not confident about what you're looking for, please get in touch! We're happy to help you make the right aftermarket choices for your lifestyle.

For any questions you have about custom lighting for your vehicle, contact us today!

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