How to Give Your Car a Technology Upgrade

January 17, 2019

Unless you're the guy who just won the lottery, buying a new truck every time there's cool new technology is just not an option. Instead of investing in a new one, add some state of the art tech features to the Jeep you've already got customized--it'll save you some money, and let you keep the ride you love.

Here are the three best technology upgrades--pick one or pick them all--you won't go wrong.

Alpine Stereo System

This is not your father's multi-CD player. And it's a far cry from your first car with a DVD player built in.

The new Alpine Stereo System turns your Jeep's cabin into a cockpit, and your dashboard into Mission Control. Not only do you get stellar sound from the speakers, but the Bluetooth-integrated Alpine manages all your truck's technology with a streamlined, touchscreen monitor.

A seven-inch touchscreen seamlessly fits into the old system spot--and the intuitive interface allows for four-way swipe technology--it's all at your fingertips. You don't have to worry about glare on the screen at certain times of the day; Alpine has an anti-glare coating on the screen.

All of your in-ride entertainment is accessible with the Alpine system--just swipe.

• Swipe Right for audio and video. In that screen, you swipe again for HD, Pandora, or Sirius XM radio, audio streaming, or Bluetooth.
• Swipe Left for Navigation
• Swipe Down for the audio controls or the Rear Seat Entertainment System (sold separately).
• Swipe Up for Bluetooth and Source Selections.

The Alpine system is ready to go off-roading with you; the package includes a rear bracket to hold the unit steady and stable while you bounce along, and a fully loaded wiring harness that just plugs in to play. Harnesses for future upgrades are also available, and an iDatalink module that integrates the Alpine to the steering wheel is included in the package.

alpine stereo

Sound Bar

You don't need an amp to get super sound from this bar--it works with any Jeep radio. The 4X speakers and 4X tweeters rock the road with premium sound in your current system, or plug into an upgraded system, like the Alpine, for a driving experience like you've never had before.

RGB LED lighting on the bar lets you program the color you want, or let the Autoscroll feature set your mood with a changing spectrum of colors. Clean lines and a bad-boy grill finish off the Sound Bar styling--and you definitely need one for that new Alpine system.

Backup Camera

Just because you've never had a back-up camera before doesn't mean it's not a good idea to get one now. As of 2018, all new cars must have "rearview monitoring technology"--a backup camera--as standard equipment. Today's rearview technology is generations ahead of early back-up cameras--not only can you see a wide angle behind you, but there are green lines on the monitor to show you your backwards path, and red lines that let you know when you're at risk for hitting another object. Here are the four best reasons to add one to your truck.

• No More Blind Spots--a clear view of what's behind you means you're a lot less likely to back over or sideswipe something.
• Easy Parking--when you can really see behind you, you'll back into a parallel parking spot like a pro--no more driving around looking for a spot you can get into.
• More Comfortable--when you don't have to be a yoga instructor to crane your neck to look into your mirrors and behind you all at the same time, your neck and shoulders will thank you.
• Increased Value--a state-of-the-art camera system adds to your truck's value when it's time to sell it.

Ready for some serious upgrades for your vehicle? Come see us at Carolina Custom Wheels and we'll get you blinged out with tech today.

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