Showing Personality with Your Jeep

January 22, 2019

Having a Jeep is an amazing thing, but one great way to make your Jeep even better is to customize it. This not only helps the Jeep to best fit your needs, but it also makes it so that your Jeep matches your personality and your style. There are so many things that you can do to show personality with your Jeep and really make it your own!

Add Custom Accent Paint

An excellent way to really show your personality with your Jeep is to add some custom accent paint to it. This accent paint can be added to a variety of interior or exterior locations, such as your grill, hood, hubcaps, shift knob, vent covers, glove box handles, and more. In terms of color and how many colors you'd like to use, you are really only limited to what you can think up. These pops of color in your Jeep can really make it a lot more fun and can help you to enjoy it even more. In order to make sure that the paint is applied correctly the first time and looks its absolute best, hiring one of Carolina Custom's technicians is a great choice.

american flag custom accent paint

Include Leather Seating

Another way to customize your Jeep is to have leather seating installed. There is just something so classy and comfortable about leather seating that you can't get with any other type of seating material. If your Jeep didn't come with leather seating initially, this doesn't mean that you can't still have it installed. Custom leather seat covers can be created specifically for the dimensions of your seats and then the current seat cover on your seats will be removed and replaced with the leather ones. This ensures the perfect fit. You also have a variety of leather color options, such as brown and black, to ensure that the leather matches the rest of your interior colors. Also, because the seat covers are made out of 100% real leather, you know that they are going to be very durable and will last you for many years to come.

leather seating inside black jeep

Tint Your Windows

A wonderful way to make your Jeep perfect for you is to tint your windows. Trying to install a tint on your windows yourself can be quite difficult and often doesn't turn out how you'd like it to. However, if you hire a professional service, such as Carolina Custom, you know that the tint will be installed in an accurate and professional manner. You also have the benefit of having your window tinting covered under warranty. You can choose the level of tint that you'd like (that is legally allowed in your area) and the professionals will then cut and install the tint to fit perfectly over each of your windows. This gives you the added shade and privacy that you desire within your Jeep.

window tint gray ram

Incorporate Customized Floor Mats

Floor mats are excellent for keeping the floors in your Jeep in great condition. The awesome thing about floor mats is that they come in so many shapes, styles, colors, and designs that you can easily customize them to fit both your wants and your needs. Having them custom made to fit your Jeep is an excellent option because you know that they will fit perfectly in the designated area and will be made from the material that you desire.

Showing your personality with your Jeep is an awesome thing and it really helps you to feel like your Jeep is your own, rather than just a factory model. Custom accent paint, leather seating, and tinted windows are all great ways to make your Jeep your own. If you'd like to consider this personalization, or others, you should consider contacting Carolina Custom and working with one of our professionals. To learn more, contact us here.

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