What Paint Color Should You Choose for Your Custom Vehicle?

February 05, 2019

If you are looking to customize your Jeep or truck in the Southeast region of the country, you need to check out Carolina Custom at Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Cornelius, North Carolina. When we say customize, we mean mind-blowing, "vehicle of your life" customization. Our shop offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated variety of customization options in our region. When we say there are no limits what we can do for your vehicle, we mean it!

Choosing a Vehicle Color

Creating the Jeep or truck of your dreams will, in most cases, mean that you want to change the color of its exterior. Choosing the color is a critical part of this upgrade, so let's delve into the philosophical and emotional parameters of the color you pick for a truck or Jeep.

1. Thirty-two percent of women find drivers of pickup trucks most attractive, according to Amy Denise, editorial director of Insure.com. Sports utility vehicles, such as Jeeps, come in third (after sports cars) at 16 percent. The same survey shared that black was the top most favorite color that women liked to see a man driving. Denise added that a full-size truck owner could likely fix a leaky pipe. And those men who are not upset by a $100 fill-up are probably not finance-obsessed. It also shows their the type of guys that regularly have a $100 bill in their pockets.
She also thinks that a Jeep Grand Cherokee, in whatever color, is a chick magnet.
2. In 2017, CBS News reported that men had become interested in the colors yellow and orange for their vehicles. Women's choices for 2017 were teal and gold. Men favored yellow more than women by 33.9%.
3. The top three overall colors in the US, for all vehicle types, are:
Silver - 23%
White - 15%
Black - 12%

white jeep with blue tire accents

How Color Can Affect Your Trade-in

1. Neutral colors, such as grey, white, or black, hold their value because of their broad appeal. White has a reputation for being difficult to keep looking clean.
2. Neutral colors help by keeping your car's value where it should be. But less favorite colors, like, let's say, purple, orange, yellow, can vary your resale price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
3. Not only the color of your vehicle but also the quality of the exterior paint job will make a difference in the way potential buyers view your automobile and in keeping your resale value stable.

Color Psychology

Some individuals make it their business to find how the influence of color, in all parts of an individual's life, matter. In the 1970s, to discover how color influences people's mood and behavior, studies were performed by scientists. Many major international companies, government institutions, and design entities trust the accuracy and power of these studies.

Different personalities have an affinity for specific colors, often without even knowing it. But most experts say we should follow our instincts where color is concerned. These car colors, say some, show these characteristics:

• Black - powerful
• Grey - cautious
• White - fastidious
• Blue - reliable, trustworthy
• Silver - glamorous, cool
• Red - flamboyant
• Green - traditional
• Orange - fun
• Bronze - thrifty, sensible
• Yellow - young at heart, optimistic

sideview of a blue ram

Carolina Custom Wheels

At Carolina Custom Wheels, we know what customization is all about, and we love what we do. Our exclusive Assault Guard Finish takes protective finishes to the next level. The coating adds protection to your on-or-off-road vehicle. And we use the ultimate application system to ensure the spray precisely covers the entire surface of your car. The result is that your truck, automobile, or van is textured, robust and protected from dents, scrapes, abrasions, chemicals, fading, sun damage, and moisture. You may choose from several custom colors we'll be happy to show you.

Our custom accent painting capabilities allow us to add value to your wheels. We offer:

• Accent colors
• Three coats of paint
• Coverage for highly-detailed components
• Precise painting
• Durability
• High-quality finish
• Interior and exterior paint
• One-of-a-kind creativity

black jeep with american flag grill

Custom Colors at Carolina Custom

Finding the color you want for that customized look is not a problem. The most excellent resource for color is our custom vehicle gallery where you can visualize what you want for your new custom rig. You can scroll through our gallery to see the vast array of paint colors offered; choose one of our rim styles, and pick the tires that look best on your vehicle and have the best on-road performance.

It is an excellent idea to visit our gallery before finalizing your customization. We can personalize your fender flares, your grille guards, light bars, front bumpers, and more. As for your accent paint job, Carolina Custom has you covered. The overall paint color choices for your ride are extensive and just about any color of your choice can be duplicated, as well.

To get an idea of how innovative and creative, we can be, take a look at some of our prize monster machine customizations. We're pretty sure you will like our ideas.

Contact us today to make an appointment for your ride's make-over.

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