Can I Add a Back-Up Camera to an Older Car?

March 06, 2019

Ah, the back-up camera! What once required looking in all your mirrors and maybe some twisting of your torso is so much simpler with the back-up camera. But if you have an older car (many cars before 2012, about half of cars after then) or a car that didn't come with all of the upgrades, you still may be backing up the old school way. If you've had a rental car with a back-up cam or had the chance to drive a friend's car that had one, it's hard to imagine going back. The good news is, you CAN add a back-up camera to an older car. Here are all the details of you need to know about getting a back-up camera for an older car.

The Why

We might joke about having to crank around in your seat to see in your blind spot, but a back-up camera is more than just a way to make your car more convenient or luxurious. The truth is, having a back-up camera really does make any vehicle a safer drive. Pedestrians, playing children, dogs, fixed objects, and even other cars come into view instantly with a backup camera that genuinely may not be seen without one.

By 2012 about half of all cars manufactured had a back-up camera as a standard feature. In fact, advocates have been pushing for legislation that requires every vehicle to have a back-up camera. And now any car made after May 2018 has to have a back-up camera. The good news is if you don't have a newer car and aren't planning on getting one soon, it's easy to have a back-up camera installed in your older model car.

One other reason people choose to have a back-up camera installed beside the safety factor is for easier times off-roading. We know many of our clients love to upgrade their vehicles so they can enjoy adventuring in the mountains and hill of North Carolina. And a back-up cam is just another way to make an older Jeep or truck safer when you are exploring in the woods.

Can I Add a Back-Up Camera to an Older Car?

Can I Do It Myself?

You would think a back-up camera would be a relatively easy install you could do yourself, if you are a little bit tech/car savvy. However, when it comes to electrical aftermarket products, we recommend a professional install. Integrating a back-up camera to a car model that wasn't created for one takes a professional to avoid damage to the car or even injury to the person doing the installation.

What we often see with DIY installs, is that people may be able to get the back-up camera to work but lose the functionality of another feature of the car. At Carolina Custom, we have experience with all kinds of installations, so we can make sure we put in a back-up camera without compromising the integrity of any other part of your car or truck. Once we install your back-up camera, your car will instantly be upgraded in both luxury and safety—making both your daily drives and your adventures less likely to end up in an accident.

If you have been wondering if it is possible to put a back-up camera on your older car, wonder no longer. Contact us at Carolina Custom and we will get you set up with the perfect back-up camera for your car. Then you will be able to rest assured that nothing is hiding behind your car as you back up—be it a post, a parked car, or even a person. And when you head out for your next trip to the mountains, you will be better equipped to maximize your adventure! 

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