Several Ways to Customize Your Car’s Body

October 08, 2019

One of the most enjoyable parts of owning a Jeep or truck is the nearly endless opportunities to customize your vehicle. A truck or Jeep is simply a blank canvas waiting for you to customize by adding your touch and creating a one of a kind vehicle. Customization enables you to add function and beauty to your vehicle, increasing your enjoyment and the vehicles overall worth.

Tires and Wheels

If you are looking to change the appearance of your truck or Jeep, a good place to start is with the wheels and tires. While most manufacturers recognize the importance of wheels and tires to the overall appeal of their vehicles, adding a set of custom wheels and tires will completely change the look of the vehicle.

The trend among truck owners is to add bigger and bigger wheels to their vehicles, but there is more to picking the right wheel than simply picking the one that has the look you desire. It is important to consider the effect that the new tires and wheels will have on the ride and handling of your vehicle. Big rims may have the look you want and be better under certain extreme conditions but you may notice a difference in ride and handling under normal road conditions. In some cases, larger rims may also require suspension modifications, so it's important to keep your budget in mind when making a choice.

tires and wheels

Fender Flares

Fender flares are a practical way to add eye appeal to your truck and are the perfect compliment to a set of custom wheels. This addition not only enhances the rugged looks of any truck and its wheels, but also helps to prevent tires from casting harmful and even dangerous debris. Fender flares will protect the paint and finish of your vehicle as well as other vehicles on the road from chips, scratches, and dents.

Side Steps

Side Steps, Nerf Bars, or Running Boards, can also dramatically change the appearance of your truck or Jeep as well as the functionality. If you are adding larger wheels and tires to your vehicle, having side steps can become nearly a necessity. While you may enjoy the climb required to get into your vehicle, you may have passengers that are less agile or simply not tall enough to make the climb.

side steps

Window Tint

Professionally installed window tint is an easy way to customize the look of your vehicle. Tinted windows not only look great but also provides some privacy and security from prying eyes. Window tint helps keep out the sun, making it easier to cool your vehicle and also protecting the interior from harmful UV rays which can cause premature fading and cracking of your interior.


The average stock bumper is just that: average. Your truck or Jeep is an extension of yourself and anything but average. Whether your vision includes a bolt on bumper or a custom design including a winch, replacing the standard bumper will help achieve the look that you want for your Jeep or truck.

Custom Accent Paint

Finally for a truly one of a kind vehicle add custom accent paint. From a simple pinstripe to more involved projects, accent paint is the ultimate way to express your personality through your vehicle. Custom designed to meet your color and design requirements, accent paint will make your one of a kind vehicle a true masterpiece.

custom accent paint

Carolina Custom, at Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, specializes in building exceptional customization's of Jeeps and Trucks. We have the knowledge and experience to handle any customization from the smallest of jobs to the most complex. We have access to any part that you might desire and the equipment and team needed to complete any customization. To learn more about Carolina Custom and how we can help turn your truck or Jeep into the vehicle of your dreams contact us today.

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