Purchase New OEM Parts (Take Offs) for a Fraction of the Cost

January 07, 2020

There is the age-old debate of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or after-market parts? Which one is best? The truth of the matter is that both have an important place in the automotive industry. It does not have to be and shouldn't be one or the other. After-market parts are typically the way to go if you are looking to customize and upgrade your Jeep or truck. For those looking to keep certain aspects of their Jeep or truck as close to factory as possible, OEM might be the best option. If you currently find yourself in the latter category, how do you find OEM parts for your Jeep or truck without breaking the bank?

What Is the Appeal of OEM Parts?

As a car junkie, there is no doubt that you already know that OEM parts are made directly by the manufacturer and not a third-party. Although there is nothing wrong with after-market parts, there are times that OEM parts are more appealing.

  • OEM parts keep your jeep or truck as close to factory as possible.
  • OEM parts are made for your specific make and model and should be a perfect fit.

The big downside to OEM parts is the price tag. They tend to be much more expensive than aftermarket parts because they do come directly from the manufacturer. Carolina Custom Wheels offers barely used and like-new authentic OEM parts for Jeeps and trucks for a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay. These are called take off car parts.

What is a Take Off Parts?

A take off car part is an OEM part removed from a brand new or lightly driven vehicle and replaced with a customized or upgraded part at the client's request. This can be anything from side steps, fender flares, and front bumpers to headlights, wheels, tires, and more! If it can be customized or upgraded, it can be a take off part.

Black 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland 4x4

Are Take Off Parts Authentic?

Yes, take off parts are authentic OEM factory parts. They are the exact same parts you would order from the dealership. This is a great option for replacement parts because they are like new, yet you do not have to pay the high price for these parts.

How Do Take Offs Work?

Many vehicles that come to Carolina Custom for upgrades are brand new. When we replace factory parts with the desired upgrade, we then have a collection of Jeep and truck OEM parts on the shelf. Most of our clients come to us for customizations and upgrades. This means we do not have a use for OEM parts, which gives us the ability to offer them to clients just like you for a steep discount.

Flame Red 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew 4x4

Whether You're Looking for Factory Parts or Upgrades Carolina Custom Is a Win-Win

Carolina Custom is the premier vehicle customization shop capable of tackling any job. We offer any and every customization you can think of including small modifications and upgrades to large customization projects. There are plenty of options for every budget. Not sure exactly what you want? That's not a problem, let our experts discuss your options with you. The sky is the limit when it comes to making your dream for your truck or Jeep a reality.

If it's OEM replacement parts you are after, Carolina Custom offers a wide selection of factory parts for a variety of makes and models of Jeeps and trucks. Before you pay full price for an OEM part, give us a call and let us help you find the part you need and save money in the process.

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