9 Customizations Perfect for Your Off-Roading Vehicle

May 07, 2020

Off-roading adventures are like no other! Forget the rules of the road and enjoy the great unknown of not knowing what lies ahead. First, make sure your truck or Jeep is up for the challenge. Here are 9 must-have customizations for any off-roading enthusiast.

Upgraded Shocks

Factory shocks are typically only designed for paved roads, not to withstand rough terrain. However, heavy-duty custom shocks have larger pistons and piston rods to better distribute forces from impacts. You should also upgrade shocks if you plan on installing a larger set of tires and wheels.

Suspension & Lift

Adding a lift kit allows will not only enhance the look of your truck by making it sit higher but allow you to clear larger obstacles on rough terrain. A custom suspension provides better handling and drivability of the vehicle. It also gives you the ability to install larger tires.

Larger Tires with an Aggressive Tread

Despite popular belief, bigger tires aren't just for looks. The larger size and aggressive treads provide better traction that is able to handle rough terrain much easier and last longer than factory street tires.

Black Assault Guard 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Altitude

Custom Air Intake System

An upgraded air intake system allows more air to flow through your engine which results in more speed, power, and torque. This gives your vehicle the ability to traverse difficult obstacles. Another plus is that it will make your truck sound out of this world.

Custom Exhaust System

This upgrade works with your custom air intake system to provide a deep roar. It also aids in increasing airflow which also helps to increase the torque and power of your truck or Jeep's engine.

Protective Grille Guards

There is no doubt that you will encounter your fair share of rocks, sticks, limbs, and other dirt and debris when on the trail. A guard helps protect the front-end of your truck or Jeep from aesthetic damage as well as preventing damage to vulnerable engine components such as the radiator.

Skid Plate

This is a vital customization for protecting the undercarriage of your vehicle. It is not a matter of if but a matter of when you will scrape the underneath of your truck on a pile of rocks, mud, or anything else that may be lurking in the tall grass. With this upgrade, your skid plate will get scratched and not the underside components of your truck.

Handy Winch

Winches have so many purposes and are much more reliable than straps. First, they can easily help free you or a buddy who's gotten stuck in the mud. Secondly, a winch can be used to provide assistance in climbing steep obstacles that you otherwise wouldn't be able to traverse.

Custom Lighting

You will definitely want to be able to see the trail ahead of you as well as your surroundings when you're off-roading out in the middle of nowhere. It is worth the investment to invest in powerful LED headlights and taillights. You may also consider installing additional lighting such as light bars, rock lights, or a spotlight.

Loaded Gobi 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland 4x4

Customize Your Vehicle From the Comfort of Your Home

It's your vehicle and it should be able to take on any off-roading adventure you put your mind too. Whether you are looking for just a couple of customizations or want to upgrade your truck to the max, we've got you covered. No project is too big or too small for our experienced technicians. As the largest customization shop in North Carolina, Carolina Custom offers every type of customization imaginable. Contact us today for more information on all of our customization options.

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