What You Need to Know About Adding a Lift Kit to Your Truck or Jeep

July 07, 2021

Adding a lift kit is an exciting mod for your truck or Jeep. Whether you want to make room for larger tires, increase ground clearance, or dig the look of a lifted ride, there is a kit for everyone! We know you have questions before committing to a lift kit, and we have the answers you seek. Here's your guide to what you need to know about adding a lift kit to your ride.

Which Style is Best For You?

Everyone likes options, and lift kits definitely do not disappoint. There are three styles to pick from, and the one you choose will depend on personal preference, budget, and how you plan on making the most of your ride. Take a minute to explore all three before you make a decision.

Leveling Kits

As the name implies, leveling kits are designed to level your vehicle from end to end. Most trucks come from the factory slightly raked, with the front-end lower than the back-end. This type of kit raises the front end a couple of inches to be level with the bed. Leveling kits are the most cost-effective option and will increase ground clearance by an inch or two and potentially allow for slightly larger tires. However, you will still enjoy your smooth ride. If this sounds good, you may have found your match.

It is important to note that if you are looking for a drastic change in your ride's look, height, or want to invest in much larger tires, this will not be the style for you.

Coil-Over Lift Kits

If a moderate lift with added control is more your speed, a coil-over kit may be just the right fit. With this option, you will look at a higher price tag, but it comes with the benefits to match it. Coil-overs integrate seamlessly with your existing suspension system, increasing the control you have of your vehicle during off-roading adventures. You can expect a maximum of a two to three-inch lift allowing for larger tires, a higher ride, and increased ground clearance, making this a great option if you enjoy off-roading!

Drop-down Lift Kits

If you're looking to have the highest ride in town, this is the style you want! Drop-down kits will give you maximum height, which is great for off-roading. You will be able to clear just about anything in its path. Be aware that lifting your truck higher than three inches will change its center of gravity and shift its maneuverability and drivability. Your ride can get a little rough. However, you can upgrade your suspension to minimize these negative effects.

willys jeep lift kit

Installation Methods

Now that you've chosen the best lift kit to fit your lifestyle, it's time to choose your preferred installation method (if you've chosen a lift kit versus a leveling kit): a body lift or a suspension lift.

Body Lift

The first option raises the body of your truck or Jeep off of its frame. Spacers are used to increase the distance between your ride, which means that while you will have the totally rad aesthetic appeal, your ride may be a little rougher than you are used to. Depending on your goals and the height of your lift, this may not be a big deal. This is the most cost-effective and quickest installation method.

Suspension Lift

Instead of simply lifting the body off of your vehicle off of the frame, a suspension lift also raises your truck or Jeep's suspension system. The suspension system includes the shocks, struts, and springs. These are extended to match the new height of your vehicle. Although this type of lift is more costly than a body lift, it is advantageous because it offers a smoother ride and improved handling of your ride.

gray ram 1500 lift kit

You Want Lifts? We've Got Them!

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