Your Guide to Upgrading Your Truck Bed with Spray-In Bedliner

July 21, 2021

Your truck may look great, but chances are you didn't buy it just to look cool. It will go on every adventure with you, whether it's an off-roading trip with your friends or a normal workday. Moving? Not a problem! Your truck has your back. Load the bed down, and your good to go! Needless to say, your ride goes through a lot, from the wheels and tires to the bumper. However, it is your truck bed that is the most vulnerable to damage. Hauling materials and equipment can easily scratch your bed, not only making it look unsightly but decreasing the resale value. Keep the bed of your truck looking new with a spray-in bedliner. Here's what you need to know about upgrading your truck bed with a professional spray-in bedliner.

Benefits of a Spray-In Bedliner

There is no question that spray-in bedliners are superior in quality to drop-in bedliners since they offer the ultimate protection to your truck bed. Here are the benefits you can reap with a spray-in bedliner.

Extended Lifespan

Spray-in bedliners protect your truck bed for virtually the life of your vehicle. Eventually, down the road, you may have to get an additional topcoat applied, but the chances are excellent that the spray-in liner will outlive your truck.

jeep gladiator spray in bedliner

Total Coverage

Unlike drop-in liners, which never exactly fit the shape of your bed and leave vulnerable gaps, a spray-in liner will fit your truck bed like a glove. It doesn't matter the shape of your bed or the length; all spray-in liners are custom to the bed they are applied to.

Ultimate Protection

The gaps drop-in bedliners leave between the liner and the truck bed allow for water to seep in and cause your truck bed to rust. This will eventually ruin your truck bed, decreasing its resale value. A spray-in bedliner eliminates the possibility of damage due to rust and water. Not to mention, when sliding objects in and out of the bed, you do not have to worry about scratching the paint! Scratches will ruin the aesthetics and leave your vehicle vulnerable to rust.

ram 1500 bedliner

Easier to Haul Equipment

One of the underrated benefits of a spray-in liner is that it makes hauling materials much easier. It keeps your load from sliding, making it more secure as you go down the road. Of course, you should always use tie-downs for safety.

How It Works

Before the spray-in bedliner can be applied, the truck's bed must be prepped to create the right environment so that it adheres properly. A wax-free soap is used to wash the bed. It is then thoroughly dried. Afterward, the paint is roughed up with sandpaper. Once the residue from the sandpaper is blown off using an air hose, your bed is ready to be coated.

Work with a Professional

The importance of working with a professional installer cannot be overstated. Carolina Custom is the most trusted customization shop in North Carolina. With extensive experience installing spray-in bedliners, you can rest assured that your spray-in bedliner will be perfectly molded to your bed, preventing even the smallest amount of water from seeping in and causing damage.

Once completed, have full confidence knowing that every inch of your truck's bed is protected and that you can haul anything without worry. All surface vulnerabilities will vanish. You and your truck will be ready to take on the world, not to mention it will have a totally rad look!

Are you ready to protect your truck? Don't waste another minute not protecting your investment. Contact us, and let's get started!

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