Do You Like to Off-Road? Add These Vehicle Customizations!

September 07, 2021

You, your ride, and the great outdoors. What could be better? Absolutely nothing if you're an off-roading junkie! Off-roading is like none other, with the adrenaline of never knowing what's around the corner, the serenity of being close to nature, and the power of traversing wild terrain. This sport is not for the faint of heart. If you're up to the challenge of off-roading, then your vehicle needs to be as well. These are the customizations your truck or Jeep needs for the most epic off-roading adventures!

Give Yourself Plenty of Clearance

Busting a hole in the oil pan or bending the frame is sure to ruin an off-roading adventure. Avoid this all-to-common situation by installing a lift kit to ensure you have plenty of ground clearance. Rocks, fallen trees, and other obstacles can be hidden by tall grass, taking away the opportunity for you to take an alternate path.

white jeep gladiator lift kit and tires

Ensure Plenty of Traction

Slick street tires are not made for what the great outdoors will hand it. Instead, opt for aggressive treads that have the grit to make it through the most daunting landscapes. If you choose to lift your truck, you can install a larger set of tires as well, giving you even more power through mud, sand, and snow.

Have the Ability to Tow Anything

You never know when you might want to camp, bring a four-wheeler, or even have to pull your buddy out of the mud. Installing a hitch is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that will serve you well for years to come.

Protect the Underside

A lift is great for protecting your vehicle, but it's not 100%. Invest in a skid plate to protect the engine components of your truck or Jeep for ultimate protection. This must-have off-roading customization means rocks, sticks, and debris will come in contact with the protective plate and not your radiator, drive-train, or worse.

If You Can't Go Over It, You Need to Go Through It

Do enough off-roading, and you will come across situations where you can't go over it and must go through it. You don't want to damage the paint, grill, puncture the radiator, or bust the headlights. A bull bar is the customization you need to combat this predicament. A bull bar will help your vehicle clear a path while minimizing the chances of damaging the front of your vehicle.

Get Yourself Out of Tricky Situations

Every off-roading vehicle needs a winch. It's not if you get stuck but when. Investing in a quality winch allows you to leverage trees, rocks, and other vehicles to pull yourself out of tricky situations. This is also a useful piece of equipment if you off-road by yourself and do not always have someone else to rely on to get you unstuck.

black assault gaurd finish jeep wrangler winch

See Clearly

Don't limit yourself to just off-roading during the day. Installing custom lights such as light bars, rock lights, and spotlights enable you and your crew to enjoy the great outdoors any time of the day or night!

black jeep wrangler custom block light

Take Advantage of Roof Space

Roof space is an under-utilized storage area. Investing in a roof rack gives you plenty of storage space for camping gear or anything else you may need during your adventure.

Are You Ready to Off-Road?

Fall is upon us, and there's no better time to enjoy the great outdoors. Is your vehicle ready? If not, check out Carolina Custom's extensive line of off-roading mods perfect for every vehicle. As the largest customization shop on the east coast, you can rest assured that you will find just what you need and more! Contact us today and let us help you get your truck or Jeep adventure-ready!

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