5 Different (And Unique) Ways You Can Customize Your Jeep or Truck

November 10, 2021

Drive a stock vehicle that matches thousands of others across the country...no thanks! Part of the fun of owning the truck or Jeep of your dreams is the ability to customize it. Carolina Custom is the largest customization shop in North and South Carolina. We do it all! Either choose your own mods or check out our custom packages. You are probably familiar with the most common customizations such as tires, wheels, lights, paint, lifts, etc. Looking to take it a step further? Here are 5 unique ways you can easily customize your vehicle.

1. Shift Knob

This probably isn't your first thought when it comes to mods for your truck or Jeep but it is a fun one and a super easy way to add your personal touch. The sky is the limit. You can get as creative as you want, such as a cobra with red eyes, a six-shooter, 8 ball, grenade, etc. On the other hand, if you want custom, but prefer a more traditional style, there are plenty of options in that space as well. This simple customization is a real attention getter and is sure to be a conversation starter with your buddies.

2. Pedals

Very rarely do we think about the pedals in our vehicles but there's room for customizing there as well. Just like with the shift knob, this mod is easy and offers instant gratification. Motorsport pedals, not only look rad but provide functionality as well by allowing for quicker acceleration and better handling of your truck on the road. You can find them in custom colors such as red, blue, aluminum, and more.

black jeep gladiator rubicon

3. Custom Hood and Roof

The heavier your vehicle, the slower it accelerates, and the less fuel efficient it is. The good news is you aren't stuck with factory weight. You can make your vehicle lighter by exchanging your roof and hood for custom, lighter ones. By doing so, your truck or Jeep will be able to handle better, get up to speed more quickly, and experience higher mpg. As a bonus, you can take this opportunity to change up the style if you want to!

white jeep gladiator high altitude

4. Engine Upgrade

This mod is all about performance! Engine upgrades provide more speed and horsepower, extending the capabilities of your vehicle. The most important consideration is to choose the appropriate upgrade for your ride. Give your truck or Jeep more engine than it can handle and you will end up with a blown up engine and no ride.

5. Performance Exhaust

Contrary to popular belief, performance exhausts are not just about the look. The right exhaust allows your engine to breathe better, which, in turn, increases horsepower. Keep in mind that you do not always have to choose the loudest exhaust. In fact, striking the balance between performance and volume will make your vehicle run great, look great, and sound just right!

hydro blue jeep gladiator sport

Ready to Get Started?

We don't believe in limits and neither should you. If you want it, we can make it happen. Our team of experts are also car enthusiasts who are dedicated to making everyone's truck or Jeep the best it can be. No job is too big or too small for our shop. Are you not quite sure what you want? That's okay! Our team is here to help and we will walk you through all of your options. You can also use our custom simulator and see how mods will look on your vehicle from the comfort of your home. Try out as many different combinations as you can dream up. Let's get started! Contact us today!

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