5 Top Reasons to Add an Assault Guard Finish to Your Vehicle

April 12, 2022

Anyone who owns a car knows the importance of protecting this vital mode of transportation. The fact is, cars depreciate over time, and without proper care, you will not get the most out of your investment. It would be best to protect your car from factors that cause depreciation in both performance and looks.

Regardless of what you need your car for, it is not fun worrying about scratches, dents, and scrapes. It is impossible to avoid inevitable accidents that could damage your vehicle without proper protection. Many car owners turn to the reliable Assault Guard Finish. It offers a robust, innovative protection design to allow you to enjoy your car to the max without hassle.

Here we will discuss several reasons why adding an Assault Guard Finish to your vehicle is valuable. This way, you can maintain its good shape in the long term. Let's dive in!

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What is Assault Guard Finish?

At Carolina Custom, we strive to make the Assault Guard Finish a premier resistant coating for the ultimate protection of vehicles. Our revolutionary finish keeps your bumper, grilles, fenders, and other interior components safe from damage. Depending on the customization of your car, we can apply it to the entire exterior of your vehicle for maximized protection.

The Assault Guard Finish is resistant to impacts, water, dents, abrasions, chemicals, and scrapes. The additional light layer also boosts your car's aesthetics with a pleasing, rugged texture. It is the go-to solution for most off-road vehicles and trucks that always follow rough terrain.

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Benefits of Adding Assault Guard Finish to Your Vehicle

The Assault Guard Finish effectively protects your investment and maintains your car's value for as long as you need it. It leverages bed liners' ideas and takes its innovation to the next level. Adding it to your car has several perks, such as:

1. Protect Your Car from Dangerous UV Rays

During summers, your car has to battle scorching heat and harmful UV rays, especially when you park. The rays affect both the interior and the exterior of your vehicle. Prolonged exposure to UV rays causes the oxidization of the paint and causes the color to fade. In extreme cases, it can make the outer layer of paint brittle. Assault Guard Finish is resistant to UV rays, avoiding oxidation of the paint.

2. Boost Durability of Car Components

In cars, component fatigue due to repeated mechanical loading will eventually damage critical parts. You can avoid this by using the Assault Guard Finish to protect your car parts against all factors.

3. Prevents Rusting

Vehicle parts are prone to rust over time, depending on the atmospheric conditions of the areas you live in. Rusting causes danger to the parts which will require repair or replacement. Using the Assault Guard Finish, you will protect all the metal parts of your vehicles from getting rusty.

4. Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Car

Your cars' aesthetics greatly influence desirability and subsequent commercial success. You will enjoy your rides with improved safety, clarity, and other ergonomic features with enhanced aesthetics. Using Assault Guard Finish elevates the look of your Jeep or truck seamlessly.

5. Preserves Your Cars Value

Cars can depreciate quickly with poor maintenance and a lack of protective features. By preserving the value of your vehicle, you will get the most out of it, even when you want to sell it after years of usage. Our Assault Guard Finish does an adequate job to maintain your car's value.

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Let's Get Started

Assault Guard Finish is an exclusive offer by Carolina Custom. Get our protective solution to boost your vehicle's looks and avoid worrying about damaging your Jeep during the long hours of driving in rough terrains. Contact us today to learn more or book an appointment.

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