When Stock Tires and Wheels Aren't Good Enough

April 27, 2022

Do your vehicle's wheels look very... stock? Maybe it's time to add some personality to that stock wheel assembly with a few customizations that will really set your ride apart from the rest. The right combination of wheels and tires offers up both improved power and a stylish impact that will get your truck or Jeep noticed for all the right reasons.

More Tire and Rim Options Than You Imagine

Fortunately, you've come to the right place. At Carolina Custom, we don't believe in limiting the range of possible customizations. So why should you? If you can dream it up, we'll do our best to make your dreams a reality. Start by entering your vehicle's make, model, and year into our slick ultimate customizer. Then play around to your heart's content. Go on, nobody will know how much fun you're having but you!

Maybe you already have a tire and rim combo in mind. That's great! Now keep it in mind while playing around with the ultimate customizer and when you visit our wheel wall. Is it still there or has it been blown away by all the wheel customizations you never even knew existed? Maybe it's been expanded into something bigger, better, and badder than your original idea. And that's okay, too!

2022 black jeep wrangler unlimited sport

Visit Our Showroom Before Committing to a Certain Look

You may think you've seen all the possible options but you haven't seen anything until you visit our showroom. We'll show you samples of all the options you've ever heard of, as well as dozens of others you haven't even dreamed of. Go ahead — get a feel for them. Inspect them from every angle and picture them on your vehicle.

Do they give your Jeep the vibe you're after? Do they match your mental image of the perfect truck? If not, we have plenty of other options to try. We'll help you choose tires that have the look you're after with the functionality you need. After all, upgrading your tires and wheels won't matter much if your engine can't move them efficiently, they affect your vehicle's safety features, or they tank your fuel mileage.

The right wheel assembly will provide the functionality and safety you need along with thegreat aesthetics you're looking for!

bright white 2021 jeep gladiator willys

Plan for the Future

Are you also considering getting a body lift or suspension kit at some time in the future? Maybe figure that into the budget for the wheels and rims you get now. If you're not interested in adding height to your ride, then you might want to go whole hog for the here and now.

What other future customizations are you considering? You'll want everything you're planning to make a cohesive whole, so keep your vehicle's future upgrades in mind as you choose your new tires and rims.

2022 jeep wrangler unlimited sport

At Carolina Custom, We're Anything but Stock

And we're here to help you make sure your Jeep or truck is, too! Customizations add functionality, personality, and a certain something that's as unique as you are. Why drive a stock vehicle when you could be driving the custom Jeep or truck of your dreams?

With the full range of possible customizations under one roof, we're your one-stop-shop for getting exactly the custom vehicle you want. From simple upgrades like tires and rims to full-blown out-of-the-box customizations, our highly trained and skilled team destroys the limits of what is considered 'possible' in the world of customized vehicles.

Experience our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and pride in the results for yourself when you bring your vehicle in for its wheel and tire makeover. Ready to start the customization process? Contact us for more information or to get the wheels rolling.

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