The Top Guide to Choosing the Best Vehicle Mods for You

July 25, 2022

Every gearhead has one or two ideas on the best mods for a particular auto. The problem comes when such advice leans more on concepts often borrowed from forums and online communities they belong to. These will be biased to a certain degree based on the model the community is built upon.

As a beginner, your best option for advice is from custom shops and customization experts with hands-on experience working on multiple vehicles and brands. The basics of automotive performance are at their fingertips; they know what makes power and how much.

In the era of American muscle cars, bigger was always better. Not anymore. Technology has made it possible to create power from lightweight and small engines, motors, and other components. Keep abreast of the specs such as horsepower, cc, torque, etc.

Planning for the Mods

The idea of auto modifications comes with excitement, but like every other great project, having a blueprint is the bee's knees—plan for the mod.

There are numerous mods that beef up your vehicle's performance, but however much you'd like, you can't do all of them at once. It would cost you a pretty penny and may not be efficient. Carolina Custom recommends a sit-down to chart the mod based on expectations and budget.

Intake System

The intake system is one of the basics of adding more power, but that is if the turbo is not in your plans. Adding a turbo calls for a total overhaul of the intake system, which translates to money down the drain. Most turbo kits come with their intakes.

The cold air and short ram air intake are the first go-to devices for a performance mod. The more affordable short ram usually has a visible air filter under the hood and a short intake tube - this may not be as smooth-working as the cold intake filter.

A longer air tube of the cold intake system ensures the filter is as far as possible from the engine to draw cooler air. However, that doesn't mean short rams are not any good. We find that with an airbox, the short rams may function as efficiently as the cold air intakes.


Turbo kits are for vehicles that came without the factory turbo. Remember that you'll have to decide on the ideal exhaust system after installing the turbo. Of course, you can retain the original exhaust, but you don't want a possible bottleneck. In addition, you'll need a boost tune-up for a higher power level feeling.

Cars with a factory turbo are an easy mod, as they only require some tuning, a boost controller, high flow exhaust, and cold air intake.

2022 black jeep wrangler sport


Loud exhaust systems used to indicate power, but that is no longer the case - how things change!

Quality exhaust pipes now have mufflers and more efficient air exits for power. Some word from the grapevine is that catalytic converters reduce power, and getting rid of them benefits your thrust. We advise against it. It is not suitable for air quality and is against the law. Think about high-flow catalytic converters if your attention is turned that way.

Suspension and Wheels

The suspension mod depends a lot on what you want to achieve and the budget. Coilover kits (complete coilover kits have shocks included and inbuilt camber kits) and lowering springs may require some deep pockets. However, the result of the mod is better handling and an auto that turns heads in traffic.

You also need performance shocks if the coilover kit has none (a complete coilover kit is much more budget-friendly and hassle-free).

With wheels, the goal is less rotating mass, so they don't always have to be bigger. The best mod for the wheels is anything lighter and smaller than OEM, but keep the size of the brace kit in mind. That said, you have a bit of a free reign with wheels. Do what makes you happy, and even better, have a wheel mod expert on speed dial.

2022 jeep wrangler sport


The mods you can squeeze into a car are numerous, depending on your goal. Those mentioned above are some of the most basic and a great starting point for performance mods. The non-negotiable, however, is the need for an expert vehicle modifier. Are you thinking of a particular mod for your vehicle? Contact us and let us discuss.

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