How to Properly Care for Your Vehicle's Tinted Windows

September 26, 2022

Window tints are one of the most popular customizations among car enthusiasts and for good reason. Tinted windows not only elevate the look of your vehicle but also:

  • Protect your interior
  • Provide privacy
  • Reduce the interior temperature
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Reduce glare
  • Keep windows intact in case of shattering

Properly maintaining your window tint is vital to maximizing its lifespan. Let's take a look at how to care for your tinted windows.

Black 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

After Installation

Immediately following installation, the tint must have time to cure. The general rule of thumb is to wait a minimum of three days before you roll down the windows or wash them. If you mess with the tint before it has dried completely and adhered to the glass, it may cause the tint to peel or bubble. Of course, you should always check with the installer as to what to expect during the drying period.

Cleaning Window Tint

Cleaning window tint is incredibly easy. In fact, you can clean them the same way you did before with a few minor changes. First of all, be sure to use ammonia-free glass cleaner and chemicals. It is hard to tell if a cleaner has ammonia just by looking at it, so be sure to read the label first. Next, choose either clean paper towels or a microfiber cloth. Yes, it really is that easy!

Another pro tip is to clean your windows at the optimum time of day. It is advisable to clean tinted windows in either the early morning or late evening during the summer months when the temperatures are cooler. Cooler temperatures make the tint less likely to peel.

Choose Shade When Possible

As mentioned above, hot temperatures increase the chances of peeling and can also cause bubbling and fading. When possible, park your car in shaded areas out of direct sunlight. Long periods of direct sunlight over time can damage your vehicle's tint.

Blue Hydro 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew

Keep the Interior Cool

This maintenance tip goes along the same lines as the previous one. The cooler you can keep the interior during summer, the better. In addition to parking in the shade, you can also crack the windows to allow airflow throughout the vehicle and reduce the temperature inside. This will reduce the chances of bubbles, fading, and peeling.

Caution With Pets & Children

Some pets like to put their paws on the windows. Avoid this at all costs once you get your windows tinted. Nails, no matter how well trimmed, can rip window tint.

Teach children not to run pens, pencils, or other sharp toys down the windows. The results can be irreversible and cause unsightly damage to the tint.

Avoid Accessories

Be sure to avoid applying stickers or accessories with suction cups to window tints. Suction cups and stickers are likely to remove the tint from the windows.

Professional Installation

A great window tint starts with a professional installation. Be sure to choose a reputable customization shop that offers the most trusted brands and highest-quality installs. Poor quality installs tend to fade or peel in a year or even less. You will end up paying more money to have window tints installed again. You are better off having the window tints professionally installed the first time.

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Trust Us With Your Window Tint

As the largest customization shop on the East Coast, Carolina Custom is the leader in window tint installation. We are happy to advise you on window tint laws and then help you pick the perfect shade of tint for your lifestyle. We would love to show you samples from our highest-quality U.S. manufacturers, or you can let us know which brand you prefer. Once you've picked the perfect tint, our in-house team will perform a flawless installation that will ward off peeling and bubbles. We are waiting for you! Contact us today, and let's get started achieving the vehicle of your dreams!

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