For years, we’ve joined along with countless other auto enthusiasts and vehicle owners who admire the good work done by Camoliner. Camoliner, based out of Denton, Texas, does high-quality work in vehicle customization. As professionals in that same field, we can’t help but be inspired by their high standard.

January 20, 2016

Spray-in Bed Liners

Are you looking to add a little more protection to your truck bed? Tossing those rocks and boards in your truck can’t be good for your paint. We can put a little more protection on your truck or cargo area. We have spray-in bed liners that will coat any finish to make it waterproof and scratch proof.

If you’ve been inspired to explore the wide world of vehicle modification, it’s likely that you’ve also been inspired to change your wheels. Rims are the initial tweak that leads many everyday consumers down the rabbit hole of customization. Once you see the possibilities opened up by this one component (which invariably becomes a combination of two), your eyes will be opened to an endless array of performance and cosmetic upgrades.

Once you’ve tested the waters of vehicle customization, it doesn’t take long to wade into the realm of suspension modification. These types of customizations dramatically change the appearance and handling of your car, and can totally change your driving experience. If you’ve ever wanted the thrill of racing or the freedom of rock crawling, suspension modifications will be a consideration for you. That said, your suspension can go either way.

The best thing about vehicle mods is that you can get started any time. Whether you’re buying a brand new trophy truck or jacking up a retro ride, the preparation process is the same. By planning your modifications, you’ll get the most for your money, cover all your bases, and maximize your whole experience. Before you go choosing specifics based on look or feel, plan out your big-picture strategy by taking the following steps.

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