Of course, you want to have the coolest vehicle around. Who doesn't? Exterior customizations such as wheels and tires are what most people think of when they think of vehicle upgrades. What about your interior? It should match the awesome upgrades you've made to the outside of your truck or Jeep. Let's take a look at rad interior upgrades that you should know about.

Technology is everywhere, and it is impressive. We can browse the web, listen to music, and order food straight from our phones. The special effects in movies have never been so life-like, and our vehicles offer technology safety features such as lane assist. There's no question that technology can be a lot of fun, so why not integrate it into your truck or Jeep. There are so many options available that it can be hard to choose. So, let's take a look at 5 rad ways to upgrade your vehicle's technology!

Drive a stock vehicle that matches thousands of others across the thanks! Part of the fun of owning the truck or Jeep of your dreams is the ability to customize it. Carolina Custom is the largest customization shop in North and South Carolina. We do it all! Either choose your own mods or check out our custom packages. You are probably familiar with the most common customizations such as tires, wheels, lights, paint, lifts, etc. Looking to take it a step further? Here are 5 unique ways you can easily customize your vehicle.

The smell of fall is in the air, with winter nipping closely at its heels. Plans to winterize your house are probably already in the works, but how about your vehicle? No question that your vehicle is a beast and show stopper when on or off-road, but it still needs a little TLC before cold winter temps are upon us. Here's what you need to know to get your truck or Jeep ready for the cold winter months ahead.

The wheels and tires are the heartbeat of your truck or Jeep. They provide function, safety, and aesthetics. Tires determine just about everything, including how your vehicle brakes, handles on the road, and utilizes the engine's power. It also just happens to be one of the easiest upgrades you can make that provides instant gratification. Apart from getting the awesome look you want, here's what you should know about upgrading your vehicle's wheels and tires.

Custom lights are one of the easiest and most functional upgrades you can make on your truck or Jeep, and they add instant aesthetic appeal to both! Whether you want to cruise the streets in style or have the gnarliest off-road adventures, your vehicle needs to light the way. With so many different options, how do you know which type of custom lighting is best for you? This is your guide to options for custom lighting.

You, your ride, and the great outdoors. What could be better? Absolutely nothing if you're an off-roading junkie! Off-roading is like none other, with the adrenaline of never knowing what's around the corner, the serenity of being close to nature, and the power of traversing wild terrain. This sport is not for the faint of heart. If you're up to the challenge of off-roading, then your vehicle needs to be as well. These are the customizations your truck or Jeep needs for the most epic off-roading adventures!

Think about the last time you built a fire, either in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit. In order for the fuel (i.e., wood) to burn, it needs oxygen and plenty of it. The same is true for your vehicle. The more oxygen that is pushed through the engine, the better the combustion. This results in better fuel efficiency and an increase in power to the power train. The stock engines of most vehicles typically have a low breathing efficiency. Fortunately, the supercharger was developed to combat this issue and is a great upgrade if you're looking for more power!

Football season is right around the corner! And no matter who your favorite team is, you want to celebrate and support your team to the max. A big part of game day celebrations is tailgating while grilling out, enjoying a cold beverage, playing cornhole, and of course, watching the game with your closest friends. Make sure your ride is ready for all of your game day adventures with these must-have upgrades!

Your truck may look great, but chances are you didn't buy it just to look cool. It will go on every adventure with you, whether it's an off-roading trip with your friends or a normal workday. Moving? Not a problem! Your truck has your back. Load the bed down, and your good to go! Needless to say, your ride goes through a lot, from the wheels and tires to the bumper. However, it is your truck bed that is the most vulnerable to damage. Hauling materials and equipment can easily scratch your bed, not only making it look unsightly but decreasing the resale value. Keep the bed of your truck looking new with a spray-in bed liner. Here's what you need to know about upgrading your truck bed with a professional spray-in bed liner.

Adding a lift kit is an exciting mod for your truck or Jeep. Whether you want to make room for larger tires, increase ground clearance, or dig the look of a lifted ride, there is a kit for everyone! We know you have questions before committing to a lift kit, and we have the answers you seek. Here's your guide to what you need to know about adding a lift kit to your ride.

Tow straps have their place in your vehicle but do enough off-roading, and you will find yourself in a situation where a strap just isn't going to cut it. If you want you and your vehicle to truly be limitless, you need the right equipment for all of your off-roading adventures. A high-quality winch is a must-have if you plan on straying from the pavement. Let's take a look at why a winch is an essential mod on your truck or Jeep.

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