2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport Crew 4x4

Exterior Color
Interior Color
Assault Guard Finish Full Exterior (incl. bed), Skyjacker 4.5-Inch Lift, Alea Black Leather w/Red Stitching, Black Rhino 20-Inch Arsenal Wheels, Nitto 37-Inch Extreme Mud Tires, Magnaflow Exhaust, Fab Fours Vicowl w/4-Light Insert, Procomp LED Cubes (4), Fab Fours Grumper, Iron Cross 4-Door Sidearm Steps, DV8 Heat Hood, Quake LED Headlights, Rugged Ridge Winch, Iron Cross Rear Bumper, Procomp Rock Lights, Tint Windows / Lights, Heated Seats, Upgrade Sound System, Stubby Antenna, HyperTech Speedometer Calibrator, Locking Lug Kit

Carolina Custom News

  • 4 Reasons You Should Upgrade the Grille on Your Vehicle

    To the naked eye, the grille of a truck or Jeep may seem like just an aesthetic cover piece that is installed on the front of vehicles to hide the engine. However, there's more to a grille than what meets the eye. The grille of a vehicle provides the ability for air to flow through the engine compartment which allows for cooling of the engine and prevents your truck from overheating. It also provides protection for the radiator by acting as the first line of defense against rocks and other debris that may puncture this crucial element of the vehicle. The grille may also act as a safety component by being a part of your truck or Jeep's crumple zone.


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