2018 Chrysler 300

Exterior Color
Ceramic Gray
Interior Color
RIPP Supercharger System - go from 255 rear wheel HP stock to 425+ wheel HP and 360 ft/lbs or Torque on a factory 3.6L Pentastar. Vortech V3 Self-Contained Centrifugal Supercharger, Air-to-Air Front Mounted Intercooler, Larger Plug & Play Primary Injectors, Proprietary Plug & Play Map Sensor

Carolina Custom News

  • Upgrading Your Vehicle's Suspension: Must-Know Mistakes to Avoid!

    When it comes to upgrades, a suspension lift is one of the most common. This is especially true if you are an off-roader enthusiast. A suspension lift will give you the ground clearance you need to get over challenging obstacles, but they are also popular if you just want to ride down the road in style. No matter your reason for upgrading your vehicle's suspension, it takes a great deal of planning before you take action.


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