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At Carolina Custom, we don’t believe in limits. If you can dream it, we can build it. Every aspect of every vehicle is completely customizable. Since every project has to start somewhere, we’ve designed these packages as a jumping-off point. We have the access and expertise to install virtually any product on the market, so feel free to add a winch, cover it in assault gaurd, or pack in the power of a Hemi conversion. Modify these packages with your imagination and budget to build the perfect Jeep.

This is where you config your rig.


Carolina Custom Adventure Jeep Packages


FROM $4999

Level Up

This is where it all begins. The Adventure package is the foundation, your entry-level Jeep mod. We start with the basics: big tires and room for them to breathe. The first step up is a 2” lift kit and your choice of 33” Toyo tires. To support your added rock-crawling capacity, you’ll need tough off-road wheels, along with the modified calibration to keep the whole system humming. Hang on. Things are about to get exciting.


Carolina Custom Extreme Jeep Packages


FROM $7499

Keep Climbing

Ready to get serious about off-roading? The Extreme package gives your Jeep more power and agility, plus the protection to keep things looking pristine. Side steps are great for your truck body and for anybody who wants to climb in for the ride. We set you up with big 35” rugged terrain tires, combined with a 3” lift kit to air them out. Welcome to your monster mudder.


Carolina Custom Ultimate Jeep Packages


FROM $9999

The View From The Top

Gonna go all the way? The Ultimate package includes tweaks for all the major components of your ride. You’ll get massive power and crawling capacity, plus all the tweaks to get maximum enjoyment out of your Jeep. The specific brands and details are up to you, but we make sure they include your wheels, tires, lift, lights, and bolt-ons. The base package includes a 3” suspension lift, but optional lifts go up to 12”, so the sky’s the limit when you’re in Ultimate territory. This is where you combine looks, speed, power, and function for a ruggedly beautiful ride.

Package Components

Lift Kits

    • 2 inch lift kit


    Even when you start subtle, there’s no ignoring an overhauled suspension. Our 2” lift accommodates a wide range of wheels and tires for climbing all kinds of terrain. You can hand-pick your shocks based on the way you drive or consult our experts to help you build the perfect system. Either way, it’s time to air it out and make some noise.

    • 3 Inch Lift Kit


    Serious off-roading requires serious clearance. Our 3” lift gives you a towering truck suspension for the toughest terrain. It accommodates most specialty tires, so you’ll be like a kid in a candy store in front of our tire wall.


    • 18" Off-Roading Wheels


    RS2 Wheels by XD Series®. XD Series wheels are legends in off-roading. Their style and performance have made them favorites for off-road racers, rock crawlers and mudders alike. The designs are race-proven and feature an unmatched combination of light weight and durability. We offer a wide variety of wheels that help you customize your vehicle.

    • 18" Fuel Wheels


    There’s a right Off-Road wheel for every custom truck. These masterfully tooled rims go beyond design with extremely sophisticated engineering. Push the limits in terms of strength and off-road agility. Choose from polished, custom plated, black gloss, milled, and chrome finishes and 5, 6 & 8 Lug options.


    • 33” Nitto Trail Grapper Tires


    The Trail Grappler® M/T blends some of the performance of the Mud Grappler® with the on-road comfort of the Terra Grappler® to create an off-road tire that is both aggressive and quiet.

    • 35" Toyo RT Tires


    Get ready to ride in style. Toyo’s Open Country Rugged Terrain Tire conquers all terrain in comfort, on-road or off. It gives a quiet ride on sand, dirt, and rocks with superior grip and durability. Better yet, they’re 100% made in the USA, hailing from the fine state of Georgia.


    • JW Speaker LED Headlight Conversion


    The Model 8700 Evolution J Series design offers a one-of-a-kind look, featuring a cool “half halo” light pipe and an exclusive “Evolution J” inner bezel. The ComfortLite™ high beam delivers additional illumination above the horizon, making it the ideal choice for Jeep owners seeking premium performance off-road LED lights.

    • KC LED Fog Light Conversion


    The KC Gravity Series has transformed the face of LED light modification. With the ability to conform LED light to any imaginable beam pattern, KC is able to deliver precisely the right lighting for every driving need. These street-legal Gravity Series LED Fog Lights (KC HiLites) deliver exponential light output thanks to precision-machined reflectors. You’ll have extreme performance without having to worry about normal street driving.

    • Rigid 3" Dually LED Lights


    Only the most powerful spots will do. Rigid Industries D-Series LED Lights are some of the most versatile aftermarket lights available today. They deliver more light using less power, and creating less heat. These unbreakable LED lights are easy to install and maintain their intensity better than any other LED light product on the market.

Body, etc.

    • AEV ProCal Module


    It’s the must-have accessory for every Jeep and truck mod. The AEV ProCal Module gives you the power to efficiently manage your newly lifted masterpiece of machinery. This affordable mod corrects the speedometer and gear ratio to accommodate larger tires. You’ll see a correct speedometer reading, along with improvements in stability, shifting, and engine performance. Get more control over your lights, better power for wincing, and perfect alignment with the AEV ProCal Module Upgrade, which comes standard in all of Carolina Custom’s base packages.

    • Bushwacker Pocket Fender Flares


    If you’re going to protect your truck, you should do it right. Bushwacker pocket fender flares perform relentlessly so your truck body doesn’t have to. They deliver additional tire coverage with durable hardware, a custom-paintable surface, and a no-hassle install. You choose the style and finish to provide the ideal match for both looks and protection.

    • N-Fab Side Steps


    N-Fab offers an insane array of nerf steps for every late-model truck make on the market. They’re our go-to source for steps, offering everything from marine-grade polished stainless steel to a detachable 6-step bed-access design. With N-Fab Side Steps, you’ll enjoy easy vehicle access that withstands even the toughest off-road tests.

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