A lot of what you see in vehicle customization is focused on form, but we love when great-looking Jeeps back it up in the function department. The HyperTech Speedometer Calibrator is the answer to your prayers if you’ve been frustrated by a loss in stability control, shifting, and engine performance after upsizing your tires. The HyperTech Speedometer Calibrator allows you to correct the speedometer and gear ratio, and to recalibrate your tire-pressure monitoring system. On top of restoring basic functionality, it also gives you more control over your running lights, dash lights, turn signals, and winching capability. This component provides owners an easy, low-cost way to make a variety of useful changes not offered by dealers or other re-programmers.

The HyperTech Speedometer Calibrator is available à la carte and comes standard in all of our complete full-service modification packages.