Installing your own body or suspension lift is great, but not everybody has the time and resources to do it right. When you don’t have the equipment or specialized knowledge to complete your own body or suspension lift with precision, it’s best to get a professional installation.

At Carolina Custom, our team has broad suspension-modification and vehicle-lifting expertise. We don’t just lift Jeeps or trucks – we’ve done them all. We install all-in-one complete suspension systems that include shocks, as well as ones that let you choose your own aftermarket shocks. Since we’re brand-agnostic and have maximum access to aftermarket products, we’re even able to create a hand-curated work of art. Whatever you want from your lift, every kit or component will be matched to your vehicle’s make, model, and year. We’ll put distance between you and the ground with kits from ReadyLIFT, Rough Country, or any trusted brand that’s proven to deliver the results you’re aiming for.

2” Lift Kits are available à la carte or as part of our Adventure Package.