Perfect execution. That’s what you’ll get from these 20" Off-Road Wheels. The Off-Road wheels at Carolina Custom is even better, though, because the perfection doesn’t end with the out-of-the-box rim. We’ve invested in some serious technology and equipment to ensure perfect sizing, offset, mounting and balancing of your new wheels and tires.

We’ve chosen the 20" Off-Road wheels for our Extreme and Ultimate full-service customization packages because they offer an ideal option for every vehicle make, model, and year. Design, performance, and fitment are spot-on. To suit every level of vehicle use, we consider the wheel's 1-piece, 2-piece, deep-lip, dually, and forged product lines. With these 20" Off-Road wheels, you get more finish and lug options, along with long-lasting structural integrity.

20" Off-Road wheels offer the most extreme level of durability for trucks meant to go far off road and way off the ground. They’re available in polished, black & milled, or custom-painted finishes. All forged wheels are available with or without machined lip dimples.

20” Fuel Off-Road Wheels are available à la carte or as part of our Extreme and Ultimate Packages.