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At Carolina Custom, you’ve found the tested team who can connect you with the goods and the skills to blow past the limits of customization. Bring your craziest ideas, most extreme conversions, and pickiest requests. Whether you’re into form or function, we’re your direct line to deep product options from an expansive array of brands. The selection in our showroom will blow your mind, and we dare you to request a modern product we can’t dig up. Better yet, we’re the only customization shop that offers new-vehicle take-off parts at a discount to maximize your value when you bust up your Jeep.

Lift Kits

Suspension upgrades are a big deal, and we treat them that way! You can trust our seasoned technical service team to help you choose the right lift kit, determine your net lift height, and find the best value. Our experienced craftsmanship guarantees you a flawless suspension conversion.

Jeep Body

Basic body modifications like bumpers, sidesteps, and fender flares go a long way toward making your rig rock. We perform all kinds of body customizations in-house quickly and affordably. If you have an idea that you don’t see listed, just give us a call!

Custom Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires provide the entry point to vehicle customization for many people. They’re the most popular modifications, and people upgrade on all makes and models. There are two reasons you should choose Carolina Custom for your wheel and tire upgrades. The first is our extensive selection. The second is our expertise. We’ll help you choose the right wheels and tires, and we’ll make sure they’re installed and balanced for optimal performance. What else could you want from your wheels and tires?

Off-Road Performance

Once you start modifying your vehicle with a lift, larger tires, or even just start taking on more challenging off-road terrain, you may need to eventually replace or upgrade driveline and axle components. You may also want to add some trail-friendly mods like a winch or body armor. Our highly skilled techs will ensure your vehicle is ready to take on whatever you throw at it!

Exterior Mods

Exterior modifications like bumpers, body armor, grilles, side steps, and fender flares go a long way toward making your rig rock. We expertly perform all kinds of body customizations, so if you have an idea you don’t see listed, give us a call at 704-655-4444!

Interior Vehicle Mods

Don’t overlook upgrading the interior of your vehicle, whether it’s adding slush mats, making a statement with custom painted interior accents, or upping the lux factor with custom leather upholstery, Carolina Custom has got you covered!


A custom-mounted winch brings new possibilities to the world of off-roading. With the right winch, you can climb any summit, clear any obstacle, and conquer any terrain. Even if you never get a chance to do any of that, your rig will still look brutal.

Custom Lighting

Want to shine a light on your rig and all it can do? The need for aftermarket lighting is all too real for off-road enthusiasts. Even the best factory lighting is of little use on trails, back roads, and harsh terrain. Custom lighting delivers multiple benefits by improving nighttime conditions while also enhancing the modified style of your vehicle. They also provide better visibility when you’re driving in the elements – on the road or off.

Lift Kits

From your grille and hood to your shift knob and vent covers, nothing makes mods pop like a strategically applied accent color. Custom accent paint opens up a world of personality and style for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. But who has the time, patience, and confidence to meticulously apply three coats of paint to expensive and highly detailed components? Carolina Custom’s certified technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment to make custom accent painting precise and painless. You’ll drive away with a durable, high-quality finish that turns heads.

Jeep and Truck Accessories

If you’re looking to add big visual impact with a quick low-cost investment, our interior and exterior accessories will keep things interesting. We have access to a virtually endless supply of aftermarket and OEM upgrades and additions to top off your car’s style.

Take Off Car Parts

Need OEM stock parts? At Carolina Custom, you won’t have to pay retail. Our stock of take-off parts is made up of factory original components that we’ve removed in upgrades of brand-new and gently used vehicles. With take-offs, everybody wins! If you need a Jeep or other vehicle part to replace a damaged stock part, give us a call at 704-655-4444 and we’ll let you know if we have one on hand.

Jeep Apparel

Off-roading is a lifestyle! Find affordable Jeep and off-road gifts for every member of the family at Carolina Custom. We’re constantly rotating stock to offer the latest apparel designs from major and niche brands.

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Carolina Custom delivers the most complete and sophisticated array of vehicle customization options in the Southeast United States. To see the real thing up close, schedule your appointment and talk with our team. We’ll show you what “No Limits” really means.
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