Exterior Accessories

Truck Tonneau Covers

Pickup trucks and tonneau covers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Not only do they make your truck look great, they also improve your gas mileage and protect your cargo. The right cover keeps the right things in and the wrong things out. We install hard, soft, folding, rolling, and retractable truck bed covers, and we’ll be happy to help you choose which type is right for your pickup truck.

Jeep tire carrier

You need a spare tire, and you need a way to carry it everywhere you go. There are some hot tire carriers on the market, and they can add a lot of personality to your Jeep. Most tire carriers are easy to customize, so they’re a great place to start digging into customization. We can upgrade your tire carrier or give you options if you don’t have one yet.

Aftermarket Jeep Bumper

When is a bumper an accessory? When it’s not just a bumper. Aftermarket manufacturers offer Jeep owners in particular a wide array of front and back bumper options. Different designs can add a unique look, additional function, or both.

Jeep Tubular Doors

Tubular Doors give you the ultimate open-air Jeep experience. High-quality, precision-engineered doors from Smittybilt deliver easy and fast installation, plus reinforced door strength. These ultra-tough doors lend an edge to your Jeep’s appearance and improve your off-road driving adventures.

Custom Jeep Tops

A Jeep’s top is one of its most versatile and interesting components. The decisions start with your choice of hard or soft top, but that’s just the beginning. To outfit your Jeep for exactly what you’re using it for, we offer a comprehensive array of unique and specialized Jeep tops. We have cargo nets, fastback tops, bikini tops, and wind stoppers. The right upgraded top can take your Jeep mod to the next level.

Side Steps

Truck enthusiasts aren’t necessarily athletes, and neither are their passengers. One can only vault oneself so high before risking life and limb. If your vehicle has got a serious lift going on, side steps are the right thing to do. They can take the form of nerf bars, running boards, or custom-fabricated works of art. Whichever you want, we can make it happen.

Custom Fender Flares

Fender flares have one job – protecting the body of your vehicle – but the similarities end there. Fender flares are available in myriad makes and models, and can be permanent or temporary, built in or added on. If you’re driving an un-modded Jeep and need to replace or add fender flares, we might even have some low-cost take-offs for you. We love working with Smittybilt and Bushwacker pocket fender flares but can order in any brand that you prefer.

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