If you’re customizing your Jeep or truck, chances are you’re giving it more power, refined style, or both. Regardless, fender flares are a modification to consider. For a low price, you can add significantly to the appearance of your vehicle while also adding functional protection. Fender flares will take your truck to a new level in an understated way that the average onlooker won’t be able to put their finger on. If you ever want to take them off, they’re also super easy to remove.

At Carolina Custom, we source and install aftermarket fender flares from all of the most trusted brands in the business. We can help you find all your options and choose the perfect set for your vehicle’s make, model, year, and purpose. For those digging deep into modification, we install rugged fender flares that overhang your tires and protect the body of your vehicle. We even offer low-cost take-off fender flares to make the upgrade even more affordable and accessible to anyone. It’s easy for us to plan fender flares into your lift project or rim-and-wheel customization.