Side steps are so basic, even car makers overlook them. If your vehicle is meant for human use (and it is), you can’t add much height without adding a sensible way to get in. If you have great tires, you might think it’s fun to wedge your foot into a shoulder groove and climb on up. But trust us. It’s going to get old.

Aftermarket side steps add both style and function to any truck, especially those that have been lifted. Side steps and running boards create a solid platform that you can stand on while entering or exiting a vehicle. These customizations typically increase the resale value and general appeal of your truck. At Carolina Custom, we install a wide variety of side steps based on the unique make, model, year, and custom features of each vehicle. Options include full-length running boards and small steps just a few inches long. To improve safety, we can add slip pads to most side steps for traction in wet, muddy, and icy weather.

We know that style is important when you’re modifying a truck, Jeep, or SUV, so we leave no stone unturned when it comes to style. Carolina Custom’s installation team can hook you up with lighted running boards, drop-down hoop steps, or side steps with a personalized custom finish.