Every lover of Jeep modification knows the relief of realizing you don’t have to be married to your stock top. If you’re a storm chaser, you’re going to need a very different top than if you plan on cruising the beaches. When it comes to choosing an aftermarket top, it’s another question of priorities. Are you into security or minimum coverage? Do you need storage or style? Will you beat the crap out of your truck or display it in malls? With so many 4x4 lifestyles, there’s no chance of a one-size-fits-all top.

Come to Carolina Custom if you have a top in mind but you can’t track it down. If you need better options, we’ll find them based on what you really want from your truck. We source plastic, fiberglass, and vinyl tops, truck caps, Tonneau covers, and bedliners. We can advise you about the pros and cons of all of them and precisely install any of them. When it’s time to top off your truck or Jeep, count on our team to get the job done right.