If this were the ‘80s, you might say that tubular doors are as tubular as it gets in Jeep customization. This, however, is the 21st century, and that would be ridiculous. Tubular doors are in fact the shortcut to edgy, statement-making style for your Jeep. It says a lot when a person throws caution to the wind, driving confidently with nothing but a 1¼“ tube between them and the road. Tubular doors aren’t just for adventurers, but also for the distinguished few that really want to get out of the box with their Jeep modifications.

If you’re into driving with the top off, Tubular Doors will give you the ultimate open-air Jeep experience. At Carolina Custom, we install high-quality, precision-engineered doors from Smittybilt and other top-quality manufacturers. We can help you choose a brand, get a perfect fit, and design a personalized custom finish if you’d like. When it comes to putting tubular doors on Jeeps, yours won’t be our first rodeo, but it’s sure to be just as fun.