Interior Accessories

Sounds Bar

Coming in red, green, blue or black, this sound bar will be the perfect upgrade to your Jeep or Truck. It is easy to install, has best-in-class premium sound, RGB LED's for multiple colors via remote, and kick butt looking grills. This upgrade is a no brainer!

Alpine Stereo System

Your life is an adventure. Your active lifestyle is not confined to four walls, so you rely on your truck for work and play. Keep your factory controls and add enhancements like navigation, customizable short-cuts, Bluetooth® wireless technology and sound settings optimized for your truck – all controllable through the easy-to-use, large 9-inch touch-screen. With its oversized screen, integrated system and advanced technology, this premium system will restyle your truck and provide you with a high quality driving experience.

Jeep Grab Handles

Jeep Grab Handles and Grips are a must-have for off-roading, and not having them is a dead giveaway that your customized ride is sticking to the road. Grab handles are a super-affordable tweak that adds both style and functionality to your Jeep. If you do stray from the beaten path, especially with the top down, you’ll want everyone to hold on tight.

vehicle storage box

Jeeps and trucks aren’t known for their storage capacity. You can haul plenty of all-weather material, but there are things in life that shouldn’t get wet. We install custom vehicle storage solutions based on what you plan to tow around. The options are endless, so we’ll help you find a rugged, durable storage space that gives you ample room without messing with your ride.

Jeep Back-Up Camera

If you ruin your rear bumper, we have upgrades and take-offs to replace it. But ideally you won’t be running into anything at all. Back-up cameras protect pedestrians, property, and passengers by preventing accidents. A back-up camera is arguably even more desirable for off-roading. There’s no telling what kind of damage you could back into in the backcountry.

custom floor mats

Factory floor mats are for the factory and the dealership. We carry high-quality floor mats that protect your interior and look good doing it. Whether you have stock cloth interior or custom Nappa Leather, we’ll find the right floor mats to complete the aesthetic.

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