Here are the facts:

  1. Best-In-Class Premium Sound – 4 x speakers along with 4 x tweeters = Dynamic Sound. Works great without an Amp attached. Add this soundbar to your basic Jeep radio and you’ve got dynamic sound from your existing system. With the included amp plug, you can also connect to an upgraded sound system just a easily, for that next level sound experience.
  2. RGB LED’s – Allow you to select multiple colors via the Color Command remote. Select your favorite color or let the soundbar auto scroll through the color spectrum.
  3. Easy Installation – The entire soundbar is now Plug ‘n Play. Simply remove 6 screws, unplug the old one, plug ours in and put the screws back in. Done.
  4. Styling – We take great pride in creating a sound bar that looks as good as it sounds. With it’s super clean finish and some bad-to-the-bone grills, you will love showing this bad boy off.