Back-up Cameras should be easy to install yourself, right? Sorry. They should be, but they’re not. Integrating an aftermarket electronic product into a modern vehicle can be very challenging and dangerous to your whole setup. At Carolina Custom, we’ve performed all kinds of installations, both run-of-the-mill and exceedingly precise. Our goal in any electronics installation is to add to your truck’s functionality without taking away from it in any way. With a professional installation you can be certain that you’re getting the best option for the performance you’d like to add, along with flawless work that will maximize the life of your investment.

Back-up cameras now come standard on many consumer vehicles because they protect pedestrians, property, and passengers. Depending on the conditions you encounter in your off-road adventures, a back-up camera might be even more important for protecting your investment. Our experienced installation team at Carolina Custom will connect you with all the camera and display options for your specific vehicle. Whether it’s a screen in your head unit or a rearview monitor kit, we’ll integrate your new electronics seamlessly with your vehicle so that they work with or complement your existing electronic components.