The exterior of your vehicle is where the eye-catching changes take place. There is an overwhelming array of options to choose from when modifying the exterior of your Jeep or truck, and Carolina Custom’s design specialists are here to help you make the best choices for your taste and your budget. Below are just a few of the most popular exterior upgrades, so if there’s something you’re interested in give us a call at 704-655-4444 and we will make it happen!

Fender Flares

Factory fender flares are functional but generally lack in the style department, or sometimes you’ll have one or more get damaged. Vehicle equipment laws require them on trucks and SUVs but you don’t have to be boring to stay compliant! Fender flares are custom fit to your specific vehicle and usually utilize existing holes to attach them to your vehicle, leaving you with little to no actual body modifications needed. You have several style types to choose from including flat or tubular, bolt, pocket, cut out or extended, as well as OEM if you want to stick with factory styling, and many are now available with LED lighting incorporated for vehicles that come with flare turn signals. Fender flares are paintable and can even be sprayed with our Assault Guard Finish for extra durability!

Inner Fender Liners

Inner fender liners serve an important purpose, especially for those who frequently go off-pavement, by blocking dirt, mud, water, environmental toxins, slush and more from seeping into the engine bay and causing severe corrosion. They also help protect the wiring and other components of the wheel well from corrosion. There are several stylish options that also provide that necessary protection, plus we can paint them to match or contrast the color of your vehicle to create a cohesive design style. If you’re installing lighting at the same time, consider adding some colored rock lights, too, and really make those fenders stand out!


One of the unique features of a Jeep is the ability to remove the doors and some people are perfectly comfortable driving around completely doorless! If you’d like to maintain the open-air feel of taking the doors off but want some protection, you have a few options. Half doors offer a mostly solid barrier on the lower half of the door opening, while leaving the top half open. Tube doors, on the other hand, are literally that, a few tubular pieces that make up a door and are mostly open. Trail doors or rock doors fall somewhere in between the two, usually consisting of tubes and some mesh inserts for a bit of style mixed with open air access. Most doors come pre-finished in black but can be painted fully or partially, depending on the desired look, and don’t forget to add some mirrors, as most aftermarket doors do not automatically come with mirrors.


If one of your goals is for your Jeep or truck to look menacing or make a statement, changing out the grille is an excellent way to achieve that. Some Jeepers don’t want to change the iconic seven-slot design that defines the grille of a Jeep but still want a way to make their grille stand out. The solution is a grille insert! You can select from hundreds of designs, ranging from flags to your favorite sports team, the hardest part is choosing just one! These inserts are designed to fit behind the seven-slot grill and create an image when viewed from the front of the vehicle. Another option that maintains the classic Jeep look is to have us custom paint the mesh portion of your factory grille, to add a touch of color without changing the grille completely. For those who do want a more menacing appearance, changing out the grille to a stylized version will accomplish that easily. There are a variety of styles to choose from for your Jeep or truck and can incorporate LED light bars or spots in or behind the grille. Many grille options pair perfectly with “angry eye” headlights or halo lights!


When you want to customize the front or rear of your vehicle, one of the best ways to do that is the bumper! Whether you select something big and aggressive like a grumper, a stinger, bull bar or stubby bumper, or a low-profile option, make sure you choose one up to the task! Most factory bumpers are not designed to take a beating on the trail, impacting rocks, trees, and the earth, not to mention the larger tires and increased articulation that happens on the trail tend to make mid-width bumpers popular, as opposed to full width which can rub. If you are planning to spend some time out on the trail, you’ll likely decide to add a winch and most aftermarket bumpers are constructed of steel, and include a winch mount, as well as connection points for a variety of accessories, including LED lighting, d-ring shackles, hi-lift jacks and more.


The iconic soft top is a classic but there are a lot of alternative options available to give your Jeep a custom look as well as suit your lifestyle. If you didn’t opt for the dual-top package at the time of purchase, you can add a hard-top after the fact, with styles ranging from a factory style to a fastback, any hard top option will provide more reliable protection from varying weather conditions, as well as reducing road noise. Hard tops generally come in black or with a primer finish that can be painted to match your vehicle. If you prefer to stick with a soft top, there are loads of choices...complete tops, brief or bikini tops, mesh shade tops, fastbacks...and are generally available in either black or tan. How do you decide? A lot of people don’t! Instead, they have different tops for different occasions! They have a hard top for daily driving, on highways, etc. and a soft top or mesh shade for off-road adventures. It’s the best of both worlds and part of why Jeeps are so popular!


There are thousands of options to add lights to nearly every make and model vehicle. So many options in fact, that we have an entire page dedicated to the subject! Click here and read all about how lights can change your ride!

Exterior Protection

If you’re hitting the trails, or want to look like you do, there are a wide range of exterior protection options for your Jeep or truck. The most visible protection available is body armor, which consists of plates that are attached to areas that require the most protection, like door sills, or guards for head or taillights, and are usually installed in conjunction with rock sliders and skid plates for maximum off-road protection. Click here to learn more about off-road performance mods and accessories.