Agility, Performance & Appeal

Your suspension is the base for your vehicle’s off-road performance. A lift can make the impossible possible. It’s one of the most exciting customizations out there, but it’s also among the most intimidating. While a one-size-fits-most lift kit might do the job, a lot of variables go into choosing the right suspension upgrades. The best approach is to define your needs first and then seek out an equipment package that matches those needs, rather than choosing a kit and trying to force it to work for you.

Deciding on a Lift Kit

This is where our team’s expertise comes in handy. Like Hemi Conversions, suspension modifications are serious projects. They involve commitment. So it’s important to know exactly what you want and what it will entail before you take action. You’ll need to consider all the jobs your vehicle needs to perform. Too much heavy-duty equipment will weigh down daily driving. Insufficient upgrades could get you stuck off-road. We encourage you to talk with our technicians about what you’re working with, what you want to achieve, and what your priorities are.

Lifts at Carolina Custom

Lifts at Carolina Custom have no limits. We have the equipment and personnel on hand to handle everything from entry-level to massive-height lifts. To explore suspension modifications and lift kits in greater detail, call 704-655-4444 to talk with one of our seasoned technicians. You can expect personal focus and genuine answers to your questions.