Wheels and tires are big business in car customization. Even those just starting to learn the ropes are interested in upgrading their wheels. These are easy customizations to install, and they make a big impact. The right combination of rims and tires delivers both style and power.

Choosing Custom Wheels & Tires

Most clients come to us with an idea as to which tires and wheels they want. Then they see our wheel wall, and all that goes out the window. It’s almost impossible to get a clear idea of how a wheel or tire looks from a picture online, but our ultimate customizer can help you put the whole picture together. We have access to and samples of all the options you’ve heard of, as well as 40 others you haven’t. If you’ve been going to a mom-and-pop tire store, you’ve got to visit our showroom before you commit to a set of wheels and tires. You need to see and feel the real deal up close. You will not regret it!

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High-Performance Wheels & Tires

In helping you choose the right custom wheels and tires, we consider on-road performance as well as off-road appearance. We want you to have the best experience, no matter what you’re doing in your vehicle, so if you plan to drive it on the road, we have to take that into consideration. We’re experienced in achieving the kind of harmony that results in a vehicle that’s fun to look at and fun to drive. That’s one of the reasons past customers keep coming back to us.

Wheel & Tire Expertise

You can get wheels and tires anywhere, yet they remain a huge part of our business. It’s because of our knowledge. We have the most knowledgeable custom technicians in the region. Our head service technician has 25 years of vehicle customization experience. Our team has the skills and equipment to properly install, balance, and maintain even the biggest tires and custom wheels. It’s your job to have a dream. It’s our job to make it happen.

No limits.