Every Inch: Leverage

Winches are extremely popular add-ons for Jeeps and other 4-wheel-drive vehicles. A professionally installed winch gives your truck big towing capacity. It’s the perfect backup plan when you Baja hard and wind up stuck in the mud. If you want to be truly prepared for any terrain in any weather, a winch is essential. Whether you ride off-road or not, a winch is a brute of a detail that turns heads and adds to the rugged exterior of your Jeep.

Choosing a Winch

Not all winches are created equal. We can help you nail down the right winch model based on your horsepower, towing needs, and budget. If you’re new to the world of winching, we’ll be more than happy to show you what’s possible. From entry level to high-powered professional performance, we can install the winch that’s right for you.

Truck and Jeep Winches