This is craftsmanship.

At Carolina Custom, we make a commitment to you. We promise to use only the highest quality, proven products in our work. We promise to bring your vision to life. And we promise to treat your vehicle as one of our own. We’re not a customization factory churning out standardized customizations. We’re a small team with big capabilities, crafting one-of-a-kind dream machines. At Carolina Custom, it’s not just every vehicle that matters — it’s every detail.

Vehicle Customization Services at Carolina Custom

Our team combines the market’s highest quality components with skilled craftsmanship and innovative design. The services listed here are customizations that we must perform in-house due to the use of sophisticated equipment. We take pride in our work and in our ability to offer these hard-to-find services to you. We hope that you will enjoy the results for a lifetime.

Our latest specialized equipment investments include:

  • State-of-the-Art Paint Booths
  • Hunter Revolution Tire Machine
  • Graco Reactor 2 for Spray-In Bed Liner
  • Hunter HawkEye Elite Alignment System

Truck and Jeep spray in bed liner

The bed of your truck is its most vulnerable surface. Eliminate the risk of damage from impacts, abrasions, chemicals, and rust with a spray-in bed liner. Our world-class equipment ensures flawless coverage that adds years to your truck bed’s life.

Exclusive Assault Guard Kevlar Protective Coating

Want to make the exterior of your vehicle tough as nails? Protect it from scratches, dings and debris with our Assault Guard finish! It offers the protection of a spray-in bed liner and can be applied to the entire exterior of your rig or just certain components, custom tinted to any color you choose.

leather car seats

Genuine custom-fit 100% natural Nappa leather is the hands-down choice for real interior luxury. Our European partners hand-stitch the leather components, cut precisely to the specifications of your vehicle. These custom-fit seats never look sloppy, and they hold their value for years. If you want the most impressive interior, custom-fit Nappa leather is the way to go.

Hemi Conversions

Ready to make your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator roar? Convert your 3.7L to a HEMI® or Hellcat powerhouse. Our Jeep factory-trained experts will upgrade your engine to a growling beast on and off-road with a genuine Mopar 6.2 Hellcat HEMI® SRT or 6.4L HEMI® SRT engine!


Your Jeep looks tough. Now give it the horsepower to match. Come to Carolina Custom when you’re ready for an expert team to add power to your rig. We trust our own cars to Ripp, Magnuson, and ProCharger, and we can source any specific supercharger you want to add.

Car Window Tinting

Window tint is one of the few auto upgrades that enhances the experience of your car no matter where you drive it. It’s a fast, simple, and affordable modification that improves the styling, comfort, and safety of your car all at once. At Carolina Custom, you can opt for window tint installation alone or combine it with other customizations in the same trip to the shop.

Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle’s value and appearance with our Paint Protection Film! The optically clear urethane film is expertly installed on your vehicle and once applied to painted surfaces, offers nearly undetectable protection.

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Carolina Custom delivers the most complete and sophisticated array of vehicle customization options in the Southeast United States. To see the real thing up close, schedule your appointment and talk with our team. We’ll show you what “No Limits” really means.
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