Every Inch: Luxury

There are seat covers, and then there is custom aftermarket leather interior. It’s the ultimate in personalization and luxury. We source our car-seat leather from one of Europe’s top 3 leather producers. You have to feel it to believe it. Our genuine, 100% authentic Nappa leather delivers superior performance in vehicles thanks to its softness and breathability. It quickly adjusts to your body and the surrounding temperature for maximum comfort. If you take pride in your ride and want a showpiece with lasting value, custom-fit car seat covers are a no-brainer. It’s the only way to ensure tight, even fit for a flawless appearance. At Carolina Custom Tires, we deliver custom-fit leather under the same roof as all the rest of our incredible customizations.

The Custom-Fit Leather Process

Our European partners cut and hand-stitch luxurious custom Nappa Leather covers based on your car’s unique specifications. Then our professional team replaces your factory-fitted covers with your precision-fitted custom leather upgrades. Every custom leather project is tested and held to stringent standards for quality, durability, safety, and colorfastness.

Visit our store to browse the color options, feel the texture, and see custom Nappa leather in action in one of our Passion Projects.